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Hudson Davis is an integrated marketing communications agency focused on providing best-in-class B2B marketing communications solutions across a diverse range of industries and verticals. We are experts marketers and communicators who have worked for the world’s top companies; Hudson Davis delivers creative solutions to drive business, amplify strategy, and create lasting impact.

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Hudson Davis Communications has serviced clients worldwide. Our unique team of b2b digital marketing experts is located across multiple countries allowing us to serve you no matter where you do business.

Meet your MARKETING & PR Experts

Blair Huddy

Founder & CEO

With more than 15 years of experience in B2B marketing, media, and public relations, Blair is widely recognized as one of the top 100 public relations experts globally. She has led marketing projects for global powerhouses including Meta, Google, Apple, Oracle, Adobe, Visa, Turing, Universal Music Group, Salesforce, and more. In 2017, she began working with the United Nations on communicating their Sustainable Development Goals to the Fortune 500, and has since been a critical part of writing sustainability reports for many of the brands you know and love. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in business communication and marketing from the University of Phoenix and a Master’s degree in Communication Management and Marketing from the University of Southern California. A lifelong learner, she has also studied Climate Policy at Harvard Business School, Corporate Finance and Securities at Columbia University, Environmental Science at the Universities of Maryland and Cape Town, and Developing Policy for Innovation at MIT.

Nick Huddy

Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director

A serial entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience, Nick is a dynamic and creative business leader passionate about projects that focus on community upliftment. Born and raised in Southern Africa, Nick attended the SA School of Film, Television, and Dramatic Art in Johannesburg where he studied Special Effects, New Media, and Sound Design. He founded his first company, Santa’s Workshop, in 2000, providing visual effects and 2nd unit film production services to local and international feature film productions. Nick has lived and worked in Australia, the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom, taking on a wide array of projects; from voicing characters in popular shows and video games (God of War, Elder Scrolls, The Evil Dead, and Larcenauts to name a few) and manipulating puppets at Fox Animation Studios, to managing Paris Fashion Week and arranging musical scores for ABC Australia. During his time at Publicis South Africa, Nick led the experiential marketing efforts for the launch of the Harry Potter books. 

Jackie Waple

Marketing Director

Jackie Waple is the Director of Marketing at Hudson Davis Communications, bringing a wealth of experience in both creative marketing and legal compliance. With a robust background in the health and wellness industry, Jackie has honed her ability to navigate FTC and FDA regulations while developing innovative marketing strategies. Her expertise in the cannabis industry, combined with her academic experience in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics, provides a unique perspective on marketing within highly regulated environments. At Hudson Davis Communications, Jackie’s strategic vision and creative approach drive campaigns that resonate with audiences and adhere to the highest standards of compliance. Jackie’s leadership has been instrumental in positioning Hudson Davis Communications as a leader in the industry, known for delivering impactful results and maintaining ethical standards. Her commitment to excellence ensures that clients achieve their marketing goals with precision and creativity.

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