These days, Gen Z makes up a large majority of the market. When it comes to technology, Gen Z is the subgroup that is in front of their screens the most, meaning a large part of your marketing efforts should appeal to them.

One very popular way to appeal to Gen Z in your digital marketing efforts is to utilize environmental, social, and governance factors ( ESG) to showcase the non-financial value of the business being marketed.

Using ESG in your marketing efforts can be beneficial because it speaks to the Gen Z sector in a language that they understand and care about. These individuals are paying attention to what businesses are doing for society so it is important to show them that when promoting a product or service.

How to Create an ESG Marketing Strategy that Works

Showcase your purpose

The younger generation has proved to be more moved by social factors, rather than economic, which means that your business’s social purpose should be at the forefront of your marketing strategy. You may need to tap into the heart of your company to re-identify what your social purpose is.

Deliver Your Impact

Figure out how your business or company is going to make its impact and deliver it. It’s not enough to talk about what you plan on doing – you must prove to your customers and potential customers that you’ve actually delivered what was promised.

Create Clear and Factual Methods of Communication

Make sure that your messages to your audience are clear. Research should delve into the best communication methods for your target audience so that you can effectively deliver methods about ESG materials to it.

Look at things from all angles

Audit your company’s internal and external factors. How are your employees treated? What workplace policies are in place for diversity and inclusion? What do you offer that other companies don’t or can’t? These internal factors can affect the way your audience views your company as a whole. ESG-conscious consumers are more likely to make purchases from a company that has a good reputation overall–and that usually is rooted within the organization itself.

Overall, there are so many ways to effectively incorporate ESG into your marketing strategy. These tips will give you a great starting point and help you to become more conscious about what ESG looks like for businesses moving forward.

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